Wednesday, May 30, 2012


particles emerge, move about, are enlightened
like predator fish striking at its prey
soon to have never eaten again

dressed for a party as thieves
when sleep is poured into tall glasses
we deviate inwardly, to circulate

of the slowing down of the clapper´s pendulum motion
or why we are here, the depth of waves
we know nothing, therefore time-being never splits

we are ornaments, our task is to sit crouched
over the dead trunks of our dredged victims
being as foolish as we are unafraid of being caught

our sun rises with modification
it goes down, for something it must do
over the walls, chairs, hand shanks, beds

pregnant with stature, like the mobile continent
of nondecomposable plastic debris that is driven by
the Gulf Stream back and forth between the coasts

we set about to prowl along the roads and walls

/ NN

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