Monday, October 26, 2009

The chair about the sound - Makrabet



should we fine roll o fine

on our toes but

the sound is flowing

should we eat o fine

polish the ladder

polish the soil

eat the soil

dragonblood between the eyes


the institute for asphalt

and concrete


and noise injuries

pink creeping magma

one mummified with the seriousness

nobody comes up to you

one mummified with wings

like red papers stain the air

before the butterfly

reaches for you

makrabet inschase


balcony under under

force syrup through the trunk mine

hands on the back just memories

of the sweat and others

birds the frame dung

the tree does not fend itself the sun

heaves itself

erso emno

chia so neytala



nya peta

closer onto it

a wheelchair with her dog

she is travelling over lakes

the forest has a folded

paper under itself

and not even that

only loosely coherent

pleasures and shards

there is the bread the people

the suspension

sheep eating on site

places against time

like every new time knows

about lips

you have the sound in your mouth

close to the floor

the sound the mouth

smile as the street

teeth eyes

your mouth wants

nails in apartment windows

smile that the street

knows about eyes

was flying in the dream tonight

was lying in the dream flowing like



sees ones image

in pouring rain

giggles your hands

builds the city lips

makes thinner voices holes

Emma Lundenmark
(transl MF)

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